Promotional Novelty Keyrings

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  • Rubik's Cube Keyrings

    Rubik's Cube Keyrings

    The ultimate challenge - these fantastic keyrings provide for a very powerful way in which to promote your brand ....

    Min Qty: 100
    From: £4.37

  • Jigsaw Metal Keyrings

    Jigsaw Metal Keyrings

    A stunning, eye-catching keychain which is manufactured with a unique puzzle shaped fob that is bound to draw attention ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.77

  • Cursor Metal Keyrings

    Cursor Metal Keyrings

    A unique range of keychains which are manufactured with an eye-catching computer shaped fob along with a metal cursor key ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.77

  • Like Metal Keyrings

    Like Metal Keyrings

    A unique range of keychains which are manufactured in the shape of a text balloon and feature the highly popular social media metal 'like' symbol ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.77

  • Spirit Level Keyrings

    Spirit Level Keyrings

    These great looking novelty keyrings in the shape of a spirit level will certainly draw attention to your logo ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.55

  • Whistle Metal Keyrings

    Whistle Metal Keyrings

    Make some noise about your brand with these unique metal keychains which double up also as a whistle ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.58

  • Embossed Foam Keyrings

    Embossed Foam Keyrings

    These embossed foam keyrings make for an ideal low cost, fun and unique promotional giveaway which are sure to draw attention ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.22

  • Number 1 Stage Metal Keyrings

    Number 1 Stage Metal Keyrings

    These eye-catching keychains are manufactured with a stage shaped key fob and metal number one shape ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.77

  • ColourBrite Spirit Level Keychain Tape Measures

    ColourBrite Spirit Level Keychain Tape Measures

    A fantastic budget friendly range of tape measures which feature a 1 metre tape encased within a robust plastic housing along with integrated spirit level ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.69

  • Hard Hat Keyring<br> Bottle Openers

    Hard Hat Keyring
    Bottle Openers

    A highly distinctive range of promotional keyrings which are perfect for the construction or housing sectors ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.72

  • Heatpack Keyrings

    Heatpack Keyrings

    Great for outdoor activities these reusable HeatPacks, feature a simple click action disk to release the heat and they can be reused 100's of times ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £1.66

  • Camera Keyrings

    Camera Keyrings

    These novel camera keyrings are bound to get your customers and employees smiling and feature an actual flash light ...

    Min Qty: 100
    From: £1.19

  • Ohio Felt Strap Keyrings

    Ohio Felt Strap Keyrings

    A unique range of keyrings which are manufactured with a felt fob which are available in a variety of colour options ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.95

  • Life Belt Floating Keyrings

    Life Belt Floating Keyrings

    Just dropped your keys overboard? No worries, these unique life belt keyrings will ensure your keys always stay afloat ...

    Min Qty: 100
    From: £0.59

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Funky Novelty Keyrings Draw Attention

Throughout history, keys have been indicators of power and control. If you hold the keys to something, it implies that you own or control whatever those keys fit. This is deeply ingrained in all of us. When we buy a new home or car, the most important moment happens when we receive the keys. As we move up in our career, our increasing responsibility is often shown by our having access to more keys. Keys mean a great deal more than just their obvious utilitarian purpose and promotional novelty keyrings can be your way to tap into that potential for advertising success.

When we talk about novelty keyrings then the possibilities are endless, there are a vast array of opportunities here to create something really unique to promote your business that will really catch the eye of your target audience. Our huge range includes keyrings manufactured in the shape of a house, spirit level, builders hard hat, floating keychains, ones which integrate lens cleaning cloths or ice scrapers and the list goes on.

If keys hold a sort of mystical connection for us, then the use of promotional keyrings to send your advertising message is a powerful tool for your business. There are, of course, several types of businesses for which printed keyrings seem an obvious choice when considering how to spend those precious advertising pounds. Auto dealerships, realtors, repair shops, locksmiths and many other key related businesses easily come to mind. While these are all indeed excellent candidates for these products, the universality of these products cannot be overstated.

With the heightened concerns today about security, keys have become even more important. Many of us carry keys at work, in our car and, of course, for our home. Your novelty keyrings can be a canvas that allows your advertising message and contact information to be seen by potential customers several times each day. You would be hard pressed to find another promotional product that has the same potential for reaching a targeted population and increasing awareness of your brand so effectively and inexpensively.

We will turn your marketing visions into reality! With a team of promotional product experts on hand, who always go the extra mile, at GoPromotional you can be assured of low prices, fast quotes, excellent service, along with the added reassurance that you are dealing with the nation's most trusted promotional gifts supplier.

Simply put, we will always do our utmost to earn your trust and respect and, once we have that, we will work even harder to keep it! With GoPromotional your brand, message and marketing campaign will always be on target!