Promotional Metal Pens

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  • Saville Metal  Pens

    Saville Metal Pens

    These designer inspired pens feature a smooth twist action mechanism and a unique patterned barrel with chrome trim fitments ...

    Min Qty: 100
    From: £3.03

  • Kashel Metal  Pens

    Kashel Metal Pens

    One of our top selling ranges of twist action pens which are manufactured in a combination of quality high lacquer and brushed chrome ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.82

  • Blenheim Metal  Pens

    Blenheim Metal Pens

    These popular twist action ball pens are manufactured with a classic look to them and they feature chrome trim fitments ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.82

  • Carnaby Metal  Pens

    Carnaby Metal Pens

    These executive business pens feature a smooth twist-action mechanism with gilt trim fitments and a unique clip mechanism ...

    Min Qty: 100
    From: £2.99

  • Envoy Metal  Pens

    Envoy Metal Pens

    A distinguished looking range of twist action ballpoint pens which come in either black or blue and feature gold trim fitments ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £1.12

  • Concerto No. 2 <br> Metal  Pens

    Concerto No. 2
    Metal Pens

    A fantastic value for money range of promotional pens which feature a smooth twist action mechanism with chrome trim and black ribbed rubber grip area ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.57

  • Atlanta Metal  Pens

    Atlanta Metal Pens

    Manufactured with a pearlescent white barrel with a smooth black ergo-friendly grip for added comfort during writing ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.77

  • Seville Metal  Pens

    Seville Metal Pens

    Each of these twist action pens feature highly polished chrome trim fitments and they are a delight to both hold and use ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.80

  • Vogue Metal Rollerball Pens

    Vogue Metal Rollerball Pens

    These superb quality capped metal rollerball pens are manufactured with satin silver barrels and bright chrome trim fitments ...

    Min Qty: 100
    From: £1.32

  • Carlton Metal  Pens

    Carlton Metal Pens

    This sleek and professional looking writing instrument features a smooth twist-action mechanism and bright chrome trim fitments ...

    Min Qty: 100
    From: £3.03

  • Mountbatten Metal  Pens

    Mountbatten Metal Pens

    These attractive retractable ball pens and manufactured with a high lacquer finish and bright chrome trim fitments ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.78

  • Balmoral Metal  Pens

    Balmoral Metal Pens

    A chunky twist action metal ball pen which is manufactured with a high lacquer finish and distinctive chrome plated trim fitments ...

    Min Qty: 100
    From: £1.28

  • Verona Metal  Pens

    Verona Metal Pens

    Featuring a luxurious lacquered finish and eye-catching chrome trim fitments these stylish twist action pens come in a variety of colours ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.72

  • Eros Metal  Pens

    Eros Metal Pens

    These attractive retractable aluminium ball pens are manufactured in either silver or electric blue and feature dynamic chrome trim fitments ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.57

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High Quality Metal Pens

Metal pens are the right choice for company presentation events. These high quality writing instruments can come in presentation display boxes so that your important advertising words are displayed on top of a desktop where they are constantly being read by everybody who walks by. There are many single pen sets, double pen sets, and triple unit sets available to help you with your entire organisational gift giving needs.

Metal pens normally come in two styles to choose from for your marketing projects and giveaway activities. Many people are confused about the differences between the rollerball pens and the ballpoint pens that we have available. Visually, these two styles of pens are identical to the naked eye. The main difference between these two styles of metal pens is within the ink formula and the ink delivery system that they employ.

Rollerball pens are the preferred pen style in many European countries. The ink formula is thinner to seep into the paper before drying after being exposed to air for a second or two. In America, the preferred pen is the ballpoint pen. This ink rests on top of the paper as it is applied for an almost instant drying time. Signatures done in a rollerball pen will last longer than signatures done in a ballpoint pen. The thicker ballpoint pen ink will last longer than the thinner rollerball inks. In business, both styles of ink promotional metal pens are enjoyed in sets so that the user can choose the best pen for their writing projects.

A popular trend in promotional advertising pens today includes displaying your ad text in a manner that appears to be a designer's signature or logo on the barrel. Designer pens are very fashionable right now so that everybody is watching the printed metal pens to see who is carrying what designer name in pen. As onlookers are reading the text on pens to determine the maker of the pen, your inexpensive important ad will be remembered favorably right along with all of those expensive designer pen names.

We will turn your marketing visions into reality! With a team of promotional product experts on hand, who always go the extra mile, at GoPromotional you can be assured of low prices, fast quotes, excellent service, along with the added reassurance that you are dealing with the nation's most trusted promotional gifts supplier.

Simply put, we will always do our utmost to earn your trust and respect and, once we have that, we will work even harder to keep it! With GoPromotional your brand, message and marketing campaign will always be on target!