Promotional Keyrings

  • Rubik's Cube Keyrings

    The ultimate challenge - these fantastic keyrings provide for a very powerful way in which to promote your brand ....

    Min Qty: 100
    From: £4.37

  • Barcelona Epoxy Domed Metal Keyrings

    These desinger looking keychains are manufactured in a combination of bright nickel and satin chrome with a spring loaded metal opening disc ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £2.25

  • Beam Keychain Lights

    These super budget, colourful rectangular shaped keychain lights represent amazing value for money ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.55

  • Ad Loop Keyrings

    These best selling, colourfull Ad Loop Keyrings are perfect for advertising your business details and company logo ...

    Min Qty: 500
    From: £0.26

  • Standard Acrylic
    Plastic Keyrings

    Available in more than 30 colours these fantastic keyrings offer great value which is why they remain top sellers ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.25

  • Trolley Coin Keyrings

    These stunning looking keyrings are virtually a permanent feature on everyone's keyrings throughout the nation ...

    Min Qty: 300
    From: £0.36

Pocket A Bargain With Keyrings

Keyrings are available in an assortment of eye-catching styles that can meet the advertising needs of all types of businesses. When the keyring printing, logo, or branding is colourful and clear, it can help your important business message to stand out in a crowd. While helping the parent business, these handy promotional keyrings are an ideal way to ensure that your suppliers, clients, and prospective clients always have your important contact information readily at hand during all types of circumstances.

Custom printed keyrings are carried and used daily by many of the people who receive these well-made advertising presents as corporate gifts or prizes. Anytime that a recipient uses their keys during the day for auto, home, or work activities, this person will acknowledge the important advertising message that is imprinted onto the colorful ad keychain. All ages of people in the UK use keys off-and-on throughout their day. Keyrings help to keep the significant business logo and message in the mind of users at all times.

Some corporations print a quantity of advertising keychains all at once for use at trade shows, conferences, meetings or business events, and then keep a handy supply of these promo key fobs in their office public areas for walk-ins, suppliers, and customers. Since all people enjoy receiving free unique key carriers, keyrings are quickly dispersed into the hands of a wide variety of people to use and display around their neighborhoods. These personalised keychains act to quickly spread important company advertising themes, messages, or contact information. Plastic keyrings and metal keyrings can increase interest, foot-traffic, and sales for all sizes of businesses and organisations.

The Two Key Components Of A Keyring?

Keyrings are in the main constructed with two key elements to them, the 'split ring' fitment and then the fob itself.

The 'split ring' is a ring of metal or sometimes plastic which the keys are actually attached to or other smaller items. Invented in the early 19th century, the most popular form of is one which is manufactured from a single piece of metal in a 'double loop' format. Each end of the loop can be pried open by the user to allow for a key to be inserted and slid along the unit until it becomes totally engaged with the ring fitment. Other forms of attachments include carabiner styles which allow for fast and effective access for ease of use. The 'split ring' fitment is more often than not accompanied by some form of fob either in plastic, metal or PVC rubber.

The 'key fob' is the attachement which is applied to the 'split ring' and is often used a device by companies and organisations to apply their corporate branding and distribute to customers and employees as a promotional giveaway. Fobs come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and the word fob is thought to originate from the low German dialetc for the word Fuppe, which means 'pocket', having said this, the actual origin of the word is unknown. The German meaning of the word is 'sneak proof' and it derives from the theory of pockets which were attached with a chain (fob chain) to deter thieves by attaching them to valuables such as a pocket watch which would be stored inside.

Fobs come in a whole range of styles, sizes and functionality. The most common and cost effective are simple plastic or acylic based which feature a digitally printed paper insert with the fob been available in a host of different shapes from simple round or rectangular through to house, car, van and bespoke manufactured shapes. Other fob styles include stainless steel which can be precision laser engraved or leather which can be foil blocked or embossed and these are highly popular with the motor trade.

As technology has advanced over the years, the fob has evolved into many different practical applications such as torches, knives, multi-tools, bottle openers, ski passes, trolley coin keyrings and USB flash drives. As electronics become smaller and much more cost effective their are now even such options as digital photo frames, remote controls for garage doors, video games, alcohol breathalyzers and bar code scanners.

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