Promotional Keychain Lights

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  • Delta Keychain Lights

    Delta Keychain Lights

    There is little wonder why these keychain lights are a UK best seller just take a look at the quality and the price point ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.48

  • Spark Keychain<br> Bottle Openers

    Spark Keychain
    Bottle Openers

    These openers feature a bright LED light and keychain for added practicality which represents great value for money ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.63

  • Asteroid Mini Torches

    Asteroid Mini Torches

    A great range of durable mini torches with a high grade metal casing and featuring 5 super bright white LED lights with a woven nylon wrist strap ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £1.71

  • Flipstar Key Lights

    Flipstar Key Lights

    Featuring 2 super bright LED lights with a unique rotating centre along with an on off slide power switch and cord ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £1.02

  • Austin Keychain Lights

    Austin Keychain Lights

    These stylish looking keychiansfeature a small push button mechanism to illuminate a bright LED light ...

    Min Qty: 100
    From: £1.59

  • Reflector Keychain Lights

    Reflector Keychain Lights

    The perfect low cost promotional giveaway for schools or any campaign related to raising awareness of road safety issues ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.62

  • Tower Block <br> Keychain Lights

    Tower Block
    Keychain Lights

    A unique range of keychains - simply pull the head and body away from each other to activate the super bright LED light ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £1.26

  • Jupiter Karabiner Keychain Lights

    Jupiter Karabiner Keychain Lights

    A novel range which are manufactured in metal and feature a super bright white LED light with twist on/off power mechanism ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £1.19

  • Lobster Bottle Opener Keychain Lights

    Lobster Bottle Opener Keychain Lights

    Manufactured in high grade metal for added longevity, they feature 3 super bright LED lights, integrated bottle opener and metal split keychain ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £1.99

  • Beam Keychain Lights

    Beam Keychain Lights

    These super budget, colourful rectangular shaped keychain lights represent amazing value for money ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.55

  • Orbit Keychain Lights

    Orbit Keychain Lights

    Available in a variety of different colour options with clear trim and a silver push button mechanism to the reverse ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £1.08

  • Taurus Bottle Opener Keychain Lights

    Taurus Bottle Opener Keychain Lights

    A multi-purpose keychain of the highest quality featuring a bright LED light and a practical integrated bottle opener ...

    Min Qty: 100
    From: £1.12

  • Retro Keychain Lights

    Retro Keychain Lights

    Manufactured to a high standard and feature a single white LED light which is controlled by a push button power switch ...

    Min Qty: 250
    From: £0.79

  • Torpedo Keylights

    Torpedo Keylights

    Featuring a stunning array of 6 super bright LED lights, with push button on/off power switch and woven nylon wrist strap ...

    Min Qty: 100
    From: £2.18

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